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The aim of this web site is to explain and offer its users (visitors) the possibility of using one of the most widely represented decision making methods when they find themselves in different situations when they have to select  the best one from multiple good alternatives  according to predefined criteria.
The selection method used in the calculation on this web site is AHP, or the Analytical Hierarchy Process.

Things a user should know in decision making are:

·        A goal one wishes to reach or select

·        Criteria which will be the ground for selecting preferences from alternatives

·        Alternatives for selecting the best one from


Data entry process is simple and understandable. The result image is clear, and a detailed view of intermediate results is available so the decision maker could see which details affected the selection of the best alternative and the selection consistency and to what degree.
The user chooses the preferred alternative on 1 - 9 scale (Saaty’s scale).

The registered user gets the possibility of the decision making process archiving so it can be subsequently revised, complemented and analyzed.
The entire calculation process and all relevant indicators can be calculated right here on this web site.

Elements of preferences often change during the course of time. Specific effects of such changes can be transformed and analyzed by the user subsequently.

The possibilities this web site provides can be used in reaching personal and business decisions. 

The result calculated by using the AHP method shall be based exclusively on the user’s preferences and criteria and that makes this method especially valuable, because the inconsistency in the user’s preferences will not be a detriment to the selection of the optimal alternative.
On the basis of the consistency ratio the user can decide if he/she wants to be more consistent and change the importance of some preferences or leave them as they are.

There is also an option of comparing the results as regards the costs of alternatives and in such way the ratio of usefulness and price (cost) of each alternative can be calculated.

From time to time we find ourselves in situations when we have to choose the right option from several favorable ones.
Even if we do not choose any of them we have made a choice.

Why shouldn’t you use the method that has been very popular and often used by many worldly famous and successful companies and institutions? 
On this web site the registered user can enter the maximum of 15 alternatives and the same number of criteria.
The user should know that the increase in the number of alternatives geometrically increases the number of required alternatives relations defining processes.

(k – the number of criteria; a- the number of alternatives)

The number of required comparisons in pairs within a single criterion: (a-1)*a/2

The number of required comparisons in pairs for the criteria: (k-1)*k/2

The total number of required entries of the relations between the criteria and alternatives within each criterion equals:

(k-1)*k/2 + k * (a-1)*a/2


The user should bear in mind the necessary number of entries at defining the number of alternatives and criterions. The entries can be saved, and complemented later if necessary.
Do not pass up the possibilities of the AHP method and the web site .
We wish you a pleasant and successful decision making with
calculation library


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