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Choosing the best alternative solution by a decision making technique AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) (Analitycal Hierarchy Process)

"I want to make a decision. Among several alternative solutions I want to choose the right one according to my own criteria. The one that is ideal for me, suitable for me and based on my own preferences. I want a simple selection process. I want to use a decision making method used by successful companies and institutions. I want a simple result image. I want a detailed scheme of intermediate results and indicators. Analytic Hierarchy Process (or Analytical Hierarchy Process) is the method I want to use in reaching my decision. I want it to be my choice, my decision. "


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&stojeto=What+is &metodadonosenjaodluke=method+of+decision+making ? &saznajovdje=find+out+here ! &zelimkupiti=I+would+like+to+buy &automobil=a+car ... &alikoji=but+which+one ? &maligradskiauto=small+city+car &luksuznisedan=luxury+sedan ? &iliterenac=or+SUV ? &pritomemijebitna=...and+important+to+me+is : &dizajn=design &sigurnost=safety &pouzdanost=reliability &tatrikriterijacupodesitisvakiauto=I+will+set+these+three+criteria+for+each+car &trazeniodgovorjetu=and+my+answer+is+here ! &toje=it+is ... &mojizbor=my+choice , &mojaodluka=my+decision ! &prikaziponovno=replay ?
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